About Us

Guangzhou Geneseed Biotech. Co.,Ltd., founded in June 2010, is a pioneer in circRNA scientific research and application transformation. Geneseed is firmly grounded in robust and reliable RNA synthesis innovation technology, consistently empowering subdivisions from bench to bedside. Geneseed also broke through the core technological hurdle of circRNA drug and self-developed two RNA circularization strategies --circPrecise® (based on Group I intron self-splicing)& circPure® (based on T4 Rnl2). Relying on our original research and development capability, we have established multiple technology platforms -- gene synthesis, raw material synthesis, high-throughput sequencing, and bioinformatics analysis, which can provide one-stop services covering drug screening, sequence design, process development, analytical method development, large-scale production, quality control, and raw material preparation. Geneseed is committed to providing biopharma with full-process solution CRDMO solution from early R&D to commercial production.